woodcut xxl


The mobil press was delivered on Thursday morning! The tension was high - would everything go smoothly?

4.3 tons will happily drive back and forth for the next 2 days and give us a pressure of 1.50 to 2 meters high and 1.20 meters wide. It presses on the wood with 16 kilos per square centimeter.

The color is being prepared. Here the head of the wood printing workshop - Ms. Marx - ensures the right dose. From the pot to the board, from the board to the roller, from the roller to the cut work, and from there to the medium to be printed.

The "Rolling In" team gets going under the watchful eye of the director of the school, Mr. Locher. A lot of paint has to be on the plate, and three students are doing it at the same time. Especially when it comes to primed linen, the rule is: Lots of paint, and when it's finished with more paint!

Exactly at 10 a.m. the first plate comes under the axles! Start free for about 100 prints in two days in xxl format!

The papers and canvases can of course also be prepared in colour. Here you can see a sheet of paper prepared with colored ink.

The first prints are inspected with the head of the construction company (left) that provided us with the press. He was very interested in the "external use" of his vehicle and the results!

Print, expose and hang a new print!

We're very lucky with the weather on Thursday. Hanging on all the clothes rails that can be found in the college, the prints can begin to dry in the fresh air.

Lunchtime! Yummy pizza for everyone :)

Washing sand, soapy water and rinsing water are available and are used actively.

We have tried many different variants of hanging to dry.

Everything is ready for the end of the day.

Slap slap, here comes the color.

Mr. Kossack lovingly removes the rainwater from the mobile press. The weather only gets better in the early afternoon.

Juana Anzellini's motif on canvas that has already been primed in colour.

What a day in the rain! But every new print fights against the gray weather and the good mood prevails :)

A small break! You can take a quick look at the stations there.
From the rolling-in station it goes to the printing area, then to the storage of the plates and a last pan shows our paper and linen storage.

A look at our rolling station.

A collection of little donuts and pancakes that Mrs. Marx - head of the wood printing workshop - got!

Part of the printing team - not everyone could be fully involved in printing both days

The damp prints are initially stored in the basement of the art school. After a few days they move to the wood printing workshop.

And unfortunately, unfortunately, our mobile press must also be handed in.