woodcut xxl


As a first step, our panels are given a layer of paint - this makes it easier to distinguish between the cut and the uncut (and still to be cut) areas.

Of course, there are many ways to get a picture onto the plate. Here Gemma Wilson is using the projector.

There are also many tools for cutting. A Dremel with a milling attachment is used here.

Exactly 14 days before the printing date, our group is in continuous action!

The plate by Karl Lobo and Klara M. Fischer is almost finished here.

After everything was cut, the first sample prints were made by hand :)
For example with the cuts by Bernhard Bormann, Gemma Wilson and Juana Anzellini.

And the plates lose their red side. Paint it black!

You also have to think about the material to be printed - we will print on paper and on primed canvas! Here are 20 meters of canvas from the art supermarket, waiting to be used.